Troubleshooting my gun assembly:

DryFire won’t shoot:
June 2, 2022
Pull/Release trigger support
June 2, 2022

Troubleshooting my gun assembly:

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Check the following:

1) Check the Trigger Switch – with the Trigger Switch plugged into the Trigger Box, press and release the Trigger Switch while watching the red LED on the bottom of the Trigger Box. If the LED flashes, the Trigger Switch is GOOD. If the LED doesn’t flash, unplug the Trigger Switch from the Trigger Box.

Next, use a little screwdriver and short the two (2) recessed pins in the Trigger Box together while watching the red LED. Don’t worry when you do this, you can’t hurt yourself or the Trigger Box. If the red LED flashes, the Trigger Switch is BAD. If it doesn’t flash, the Trigger Box is BAD.

2) Check the Trigger Box – if step 1 above proved your Trigger Box was bad, then the only thing you can do is replace the batteries. Slide the top cover off to expose the batteries. Take note that the large flat side of the batteries is touching the spring. The batteries can be ordered from the DryFire web site or you can purchase them locally. If you try to purchase them locally, you are looking for an Energizer 357 or equivalent. You will likely need to go to a battery specialty shop to find these batteries.

After replacing the batteries, plug the Trigger Switch into the Trigger Box and again press and release the switch. If the red LED flashes, the batteries were BAD. If the red LED doesn’t flash, the Trigger Box is BAD and you can order a replacement from the DryFire US web site.

3) Check the Muzzle Laser Insert – if you press and release the Trigger Switch and the Red LED does flash, then the next step is to see if the Muzzle Laser Insert produces a laser light. This is a little strange, because this laser produces an infrared light which is invisible to the human eye. However, in the right environment, you can see a slight flash of reddish light.

In a dark room, with the laser insert about 1/2 inch from a piece of white paper, you will be able to see a slight flash of reddish light each time you press and release the trigger. So, plug the Trigger Switch and Muzzle Laser Insert into the Red Trigger Box. Take a piece of paper and this Gun Assembly into a dark room and try it.

If you don’t see any flashes, you have one of two possible problems.

(1) The the Trigger Box could be BAD, or (2) the Muzzle Laser Insert could be BAD. So, I would suggest you call the DryFire toll free number (1-877-357-1485) and order both replacement parts. Explain to the DryFire person the trouble you are having and let them know that you will be returning, for credit, one of the two pieces. Once you have the two replacement parts in your hand it will be easy to figure out which piece is GOOD and which piece is BAD.

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