Train Indoors With Your Own Gun

Maximize the ability to practice anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Indoor Training

Technology can revolutionize your practice.

It is very important for you to practice with the gun you are going to shoot with. So right from the beginning, we developed the hardware required to adapt your gun to the most realistic practice possible.

The DryFire hardware that makes the simulator work does not hinder any of your movements. In fact, there isn’t any wire connecting your gun to the system. Everything is done with an invisible laser light, which is inserted into the barrel of your gun.

The feel of your gun: With every bit of indoor practice you do you are developing that special feel for your gun.

Your physical strength: As you practice, the muscles you use to move your gun are all being exercised. You will be surprised how much of a work out it is to shoot 200 targets in an hour. Time wise, it isn’t hard to shoot 200 targets in an hour, but muscle wise it can be very hard. Think of this value: your normal practice session is 200 targets and your muscles become strong enough to accomplish this without even becoming fatigued. Then you go out to a 200-target event, which is done in two 100-target sub events. You are so in shape dealing with the weight and swing of your gun you don’t even begin to get tired. That can be a big competitive advantage. Without the enjoyment of shooting the targets, think how difficult it would be to convince yourself you needed to go to the garage and swing your gun 200 times just for the exercise. You probably wouldn’t do it!

The Gun Assembly

DryFire USA offers three different Gun Assemblies

Each assembly consists of a muzzle laser, and one or two electronic boxes used to convert the trigger action into a 40 milli-second pulse, which causes the laser to emit an infrared beam. The location of the invisible infrared beam is seen by the DryFire camera, allowing the system to know the exact relationship between the muzzle of the gun and the target at the moment the trigger is pulled.

Gun Assemblies are available in 12, 16, 20, 28, 410 bore.

The three types of assemblies are:

1. Mechanical Switch
2. Acoustic
3. Combo