What You Need For Dryfire

Equipment & Information

What you need to get up and running.

Let's start with the basics: you'll need a room that's large enough to train in, a Windows PC, and your gun. From there you'll choose a DryFire Package and you're ready to roll! Check out the additional hardware and software to take your training to the next level.

1. Room Requirements

If you are an individual shooter you will need a minimum of an 8’ x 8’ space.

A team setting, or those with multiple shooters, requires a 14’ x 14’ space.

Skeet shooters benefit from practicing on an 18’ shooting wall although there are ways to practice skeet on a 14’ wall.

Background Shooting Screen DimensionsOur canvas shooting screens come in lengths of 10 feet, 14 feet, and 18 feet. The height of every size is 54 inches. Ideally, the printed horizon on the canvas (where the grass meets the trees) will be at eye level (or the rough average eye level of your group) and the top of the canvas can be folded or cut to accommodate your room. Note, the position of the canvas will not affect how the targets (lasers) fly.

Lighting considerations: The system does not work well with excessive Infrared light present, so light from the sun or incandescent light-bulbs on the shooting surface can be an issue. Fluorescent and LED lights are the best types to use with DryFire.

2. Computer Requirements

A PC or laptop (with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10) will run the DryFire software and display the shot results on the screen. Some users choose to connect their computer to a larger monitor or TV to make it easier to see.

3. Your Own Gun

Training with your own gun is critical to getting the most out of DryFire. Your gun is outfitted with hardware and your gun’s unique details are entered into the software to create an accurate practice experience.


Start with a DryFire Package:

DryFire Packages are designed to give shotgun athletes everything they need to begin training and improving their scores. Each DryFire Pack is fully expandable and can grow with you, your family, and your team to meet your ongoing needs. Check the Packages & Pricing page to compare packs!

DryFire USA Hardware & Software Add-ons

Background Canvas: A high-quality, printed shooting screen provides a realistic outdoor feel to your training. Printed on durable vinyl, screens come in three lengths (10, 14, and 18 feet) and are 48 inches high. We provide drawings and a parts list for making a lightweight frame on which to mount your shooting screen. It can also be stapled, wall-papered, or hung with grommets.

Trap houses: We offer three sizes of 3D trap houses, scaled to make your practice as realistic as possible. Trap houses are scaled for 16-yard, 22-yard, and 27-yard handicaps, and are made of lightweight Styrofoam. Trap houses come with attached magnets and one (1) lightweight metal mounting plate.

True Trigger: The True Trigger mounts under the trigger guard and behind the trigger to allow for a more natural trigger feel when practicing with DryFire. No more need for the ‘button’ to be attached to the trigger. The result is an outstanding experience that will breathe new life into your DryFire System. The True Trigger works with your existing UGA (Universal Gun Assembly). It is not included with UGAs and is sold separately.

Skeet houses: A pair of 3D skeet houses come with attached magnets and two (2) lightweight metal mounting plates.

Trap Exercise Software: This additional software takes ATA Trap practice to the next level by isolating and mastering each shot, by using Slow Motion Training. This method teaches the proper lead on any angle target while focusing on the perfect center of the shot cloud on the target.

Projection Software: Used in conjunction with an Ultra Short-Throw projector (not included) this method allows you to project any image onto your shooting wall. This method works particularly well with the Rifle/Pistol Add-On as well as the Game/Hunting Add-On.

Additional Gun Assemblies: The gauge-specific Gun Assembly uses gentle magnets to mount the infrared laser to the barrel of your gun. For those shooting in a group or squad, each person on the line should have their own gun assembly. (Check the DryFire Packages page to see how many Gun Assemblies are included in each pack an to determine what is right for you.)

And more!