Projection Software Add-On

Add more realism to your training.

Projection takes training to a new level.

Using any ceiling mounted or short throw projector (not supplied) this add-on enables you to project any image onto your shooting wall. Not only can you shoot at an image of your local shooting ground but you'll see your shot results on the wall too! You no longer need to look back at your PC screen to see where your shot is in relation to the clay - see it instantly on the wall as soon as you have taken each shot! You can even choose a bunker or traphouse to add to your image.

  • Improved realism. Shoot at the image of a clay pigeon target instead of the red laser target.
  • Be the best prepared for any shooting competition.
  • Practice shooting your favorite shooting ground indoors.
  • Improved depth perception: targets become smaller as they move away from you.
  • See shot results directly in front of you on the shooting wall.
  • Use a portable projector screen to set up your DryFire shooting simulator anywhere.

Note: Projected targets work best with trap disciplines (ATA, DTL, OT, ODT) where the entire flight of the target lies within the projected image. Show the “aim point” as well as the clay pigeon target, so that you can see how much lead is required as the bird moves.