Warranty and Guarantee

We stand behind our product.


Hardware: For the first six (6) months from the ship date, DryFire USA will provide all necessary
repair parts and labor at no cost to the customer. When a problem occurs, the customer will
contact the support facility (972-515-9232) and discuss the problem. If it is agreed the customer
should ship the product to the DryFire USA repair facility, the customer will ship the product and
pay the shipping cost.

The DryFire USA repair facility will make the necessary repairs and ship the repaired product
back to the customer at NO COST to the customer (including shipping).

The following issues are not covered:

· Tearing of the rubber portion of the trigger switch
· Broken wires in the Trigger Switch
· Protection diode burned out inside the black chassis because of an over-voltage
· Physical damage (example: black chassis knocked onto the floor)
· Damage caused during incoming shipping

Software Updates: DryFire USA will provide all updates FREE of CHARGE to its
customers as long as the method of obtaining the update is via a download from the
DryFire web site. If a customer requires a flash drive version of the update there will be a
charge of $5.00 plus shipping.




It's simple and straightforward:

We want you to be happy with your purchase and we want you to understand we will REFUND the
amount you paid, minus shipping charges, if you desire to return the system and meet the following
REFUND requirements:

1. Within the first 60 days, after the arrival of your system, you must text
972-515-9232 and request a "computer link session." The purpose of the session is to
make sure you have setup your system properly and that you are using DryFire in the
best way to meet your shooting goals. If you want our input, we will help you outline a
plan to achieve your shooting goals.

2. You have used the system for at least 4 months and shot a minimum of 4,000
targets. Note: Every shot you take is recorded in the firmware and is read during the
calibration process.

3. The guarantee ends 6 months after the purchase date printed on your invoice.

4. If you call to request a REFUND, you must be able to honestly say,
"DryFire has not improved my shotgunning skills or my score."

5. If you have requested a refund and meet the terms of this Guarantee, you will be
issued a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

6. The return shipping cost is your responsibility.

7. After the system has been returned to DryFire USA, 5853 Montgomery Rd.,
Midlothian, TX 76065 and passed a physical and functionality test, a REFUND will be
processed and the funds returned to your credit card.

Note: If there is physical or functional problems with the system you returned, a
DryFire representative will call to discuss the damage and specify the cost to restore
the system to good operating conditions.