DryFire Simulator & Room Setup Instructions

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Simulator Setup Instructions


1. Insert the Installation Flash Drive into a USB port on your computer.
2. Install DryFire software, found in Folder F99. (File DFV410200.exe)
3. Connect your DryFire unit to your computer (cable included).
4. Watch videos 02-07 below.

DryFire USA User Manual

DryFire USA User Manual and Instructional Guide with Table of Contents

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DryFire Room Setup Instructions

DryFire Room Setup

Follow the steps below to get started! The DryFire software will guide you through customizing your room and fine-tuning your simulator for your needs.
1. Simulator Position in the Room:
Tripod or Stand ("50x50"): Position your DryFire Simulator 50 inches from the wall and 50 inches from the floor (if on a tripod or stand). This can vary by several inches in any direction. You will input your measurement into the software to finalize your setup!
Ceiling Mounting: If you're mounting the DryFire Simulator from the ceiling, position it 7-9 feet from the floor. You'll input the exact position in the DryFire software.

Hint: Position the simulator at the horizontal center of the shooting surface so that all targets stay on the DryFire Background Shooting Screen. See instructions for setting up a DryFire Background Shooting ScreenThe placement of the canvas background screen will not affect how the target (laser) flies.


2. Shooter Position in the Room:
Trap, Sporting, Bunker: 8-12 feet from the shooting surface 
Skeet: 7 feet from the shooting surface 

Pro Tip: During the setup process, the DryFire software will guide you through setting up each shooter station!

DryFire USA Room Setup - Simulator position and distance from the wall and from the floor

DryFire Setup Instructional Videos

DryFire Setup Instructional Videos

Visit our YouTube channel for more set-up information, advanced tutorials, and training resources.