Rifle/Pistol Software Add-On

Expand your training with new shooting disciplines.

Now rifle and pistol enthusiasts can train right at home, safely.

This is a new feature which can be added to single head or dual head units with Projection for short-range rifle and pistol shooting simulation.


    • See immediate results on your shooting wall in both visual and data format
    • See your scorecard on the shooting wall
    • Use your own rifle or pistol with the appropriate DryFire gun assembly
    • Practice your aiming technique
    • Improve scores by seeing exactly where your shot goes
    • Reduce costs by practicing at home
    • Climb through plateaus of achievement with intensive practice
    • Keep skills honed between competition days
    • Convenient: available at any time: before work, lunchtime, after work


    • Select target from a pre defined list of layouts/targets
    • Check and compare results between rounds
    • Select cartridge
    • Set up a number of difference guns and shooters
    • Set your own target distance, size and height.
    • Set time limits for target visibility and shot time
    • Choose voice activation or timed delay

Special Pistol/Rifle packs are now available. Also available separately for existing customers.

Does not require Projection but definitely benefits visually. Just print off your paper target and line it up with the laser. Hunting rifle requires Projection and Game add-ons. If using your CO2 cartridges with your pistol/rifle for noise or “blowback” effect we recommend to use in a well ventilated area as continuous use in a confined area may cause breathing issues or headaches.