Trap Exercises Add-On

Add structure and challenge to your practice.

The essential tool for trap shooting discipline.

Ideal for use by competitive shooters or by coaches.

The following Software Enhancements are for the Version 4 system.

The Trap Exercises add-on was specifically designed to help ATA Trap shooters in practicing their particular area of target weakness. You can select the specific target angles you want to practice, you can control the wind speed and direction, you can choose to shot in Slow-Motion, and finally you can determine your own hit miss criteria (distance and accuracy).

This can be used by an individual shooter or in conjunction with the Squadding add-on. When used in a squad, each individual shooter will be able to practice his or her specific requirements while still shooting in a squad environment. This means a squad of up to five shooters can practice together and yet, each individual shooter will be practicing the specific routine the coach has chosen for that individual.

We have two videos that share all the details with you in an easy to understand form. Click on Part 1 to learn why this product was developed and then click Part 2 to see how to use it.

 Part 1                   Part 2