Pull/Release trigger support

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June 2, 2022

Pull/Release trigger support

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Trigger boxes supplied from March 1st, 2002 onwards are capable of acting as a “pull” trigger (shot fired when switch pressed) or “release” trigger (shot fired when switch is released.)

Checking Which Mode the Trigger Is In

There is a small RED light (referred to as an LED) which protrudes through the plastic on the bottom side of the trigger box. Watch this LED as you press the trigger switch. If the LED flashes when the switch is pressed the trigger box is in the “pull” trigger mode. If the LED flashes when the switch is released the trigger box is in the “release” trigger mode.

Selecting Release Trigger Mode

The trigger box is supplied to the customer in the “pull” trigger mode, but can be converted into the “release” trigger mode by holding the trigger switch down for approximately ten (10) seconds. You know you have held the switch down long enough when the LED turns RED and remains on. To prove you have made the conversion, press the trigger switch while watching the RED LED (it should NOT blink). Then release the trigger switch and watch to make sure it does blink.

Returning to Pull Trigger Mode

To convert back to the “pull” trigger mode it will be necessary to remove the batteries from the trigger box. But, before you remove the batteries, take note of the direction they are currently installed in the trigger box (the big flat side touching the spring). With the batteries removed and the trigger switch connected to the trigger box, depress and hold the trigger switch down while you slowly count to 30. Now, re-insert the batteries.

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