Is the laser dangerous?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022
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Lasers are part of our every day lives – your CD player and PC laser printer both contain lasers. Looking directly at the bright midday sun is a very dangerous thing to do – don’t do it unless you wish to risk blindness. The same rule applies to a light source – don’t look directly into it.

The DryFire simulators direct the beam of light in front of you for projection against a wall or building. The beam is switched on only while the target is moving – thus minimizing the time it is in any one position. The beam and the spot it projects on a wall are certainly not dangerous – you can safely put you hand in the way of the light beam.

The laser source used by DryFire simulators is very low power and is the same as that used by laser pointers so it meets all the requirements for the safety regulations defined for them.

The pulse of invisible light sent during shot detection is of such short duration (a few thousandths of a second), and such low power, that it creates no danger to the eyes.

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