What size room do I need?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

What size room do I need?

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The simulator projects targets against a wall and you stand behind the simulator to shoot. You need a fairly flat wall, a minimum of 8 feet long.

The space requirements will depend on the type of training you plan to do. If you are a single shooter, using a Single Head unit, you’ll need the minimum of a 8 x 8 foot space. The projected targets will launch from one location on a 8 foot wall.

For doubles or pairs, and for team shooting, a Dual Head unit will need a larger width of 14-18 feet.

Shooters stand approximately 8 feet from the wall, with the DryFire unit mounted on a stand 4-6 feet from the wall, or mounted on the ceiling.

Small but obvious warning!

DryFire can simulate all targets, including tower shots to be taken directly above your head! Make sure that your room has enough space overhead for you to swing your barrel vertically – don’t select the tower targets if your room is too low – otherwise you will be replacing the lights and ceiling plaster!

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