Do I need a special gun, or do you supply a toy gun?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

Do I need a special gun, or do you supply a toy gun?

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DryFire simulators are serious training aids – not toys or games!

We have gone to every effort to ensure that shooting at a simulated target is exactly the same as shooting at a clay – that’s why you use your own gun with our simulators – not some specially modified or “toy” gun.

A critical part of shotgun shooting is “gun fit”. You will have selected your gun to suit you: left/right handed, barrel length, overall weight, sight plane, auto or O/U – and you want to practice with your gun – not a special one that is not balanced correctly or just does not feel right.

Our aim is to improve your scores. We want you to enjoy using the DryFire simulators using your own gun and then to take that same gun to your club and shoot a real round of skeet, trap or sporting. We want you to see how your scores improve with practice.

We know that using our simulators is fun (lots of fun – and there is no harm in that!) but all the time you are having fun you are improving your skills and that will show up when you take your gun down to the range.

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