How does DryFire work?

Do I need a special gun, or do you supply a toy gun?
June 2, 2022

How does DryFire work?

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The DryFire simulator contains a safe, low-power light source generating a sharp beam of light which can be projected onto almost any surface a few feet or many yards away. Place the simulator on a table, or mount it on a photographic tripod, point it at a wall and stand behind it with your gun. You are ready to start.

The target laser is mounted on a mechanism that allows it to be directed at almost any position in front of you. The simulator is connected to a PC which controls all of its activities and, when you call “Pull,” generates the sequence of movement instructions that makes the target spot move along exactly the same path, and at the same angular speed, as a clay thrown from a trap in real life.

The muzzle of your gun is fitted with an insert that sends out a pulse of invisible light, which is activated when you press the trigger. The state-of-the-art camera, which is built into the simulator, detects the pulse generated when you shoot, does its calculation of lead required, and knows whether you had a hit or a miss.

If you had a miss, it knows by how much and in which direction so the simulator can use its own visible laser to show you the relative positions of the target and the shot. Even better, the PC can show you a “freeze frame” picture of the target and your shot.

The system automatically accounts for lead so you must aim at exactly the same angular position ahead as with a real clay – i.e. so far ahead for a crossing target or almost right at it for a going away or driven target.

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