Is the simulator exactly like shooting in real life?

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June 2, 2022
Can it handle simultaneous doubles?
June 2, 2022
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Not exactly. One difference is: there is no recoil.

DryFire provides a two dimensional representation of a target – it “flies” across the wall in front of you. On the range you have the advantage of three dimensions so that you can judge distance. DryFire helps here by providing you with a display on your PC screen to show you the targets in the setting of a shooting ground so that you know exactly where they are coming from, and going to, before you call “Pull”.

You can also select audio feed-back so that a tone is produced depending on the distance and speed of the target – a going away target will start with a high tone and this will decrease as it gets further away – a bit like the “doppler effect” in the sound a car or train coming towards you or going away from you.

Our field tests have shown that having the image of the stand on the PC screen, and seeing the target move across it, is sufficient to “set” the shooter ready for the target spot as it moves across the wall when he calls “Pull”. The brain is excellent at retaining the image of the stand and using it to control the shotgun when shooting at the target spot.

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