How does DryFire compare with Laser Shot?

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June 2, 2022
How does DryFire compare with other systems?
June 2, 2022

How does DryFire compare with Laser Shot?

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Really, that’s for you to judge – check out Laser Shot at

There are so many systems with “laser” or “virtual” in their title that it can become very confusing. Systems boil down to two types:

• Shooting at special clays using special shotguns.
This can be outdoors or indoors and requires special clays to reflect back the beam of light fired directly at them. Such a system is fantastic fun but it requires a special shotgun, not the one you have tailored to your needs, and it does not allow for lead – the movement of the clay before the shot string reaches it.

• Shooting at a screen image usually projected from a PC screen.

Limitations on screen size tend to restrict these systems to “going away” targets only – DTL, ABT, OT etc. In most cases a special gun is used, but the latest ones do allow you to place an infrared projector on your own shotgun.

Both types of systems tend to be expensive (a complete Laser Shot system, with PC and projector, sells for over $14,000 according to their web site) and may be purchased by arcades and major clubs, but most often they are hired by the day for special occasions.

Obviously with any projection system you will not get the full range of targets because
a) the screen will not be large enough and
b) you have to stand too far away to get the right body movements

By comparison, DryFire:
• is designed for every shooter to use at home
• is affordable at a price of under 1/3rd the price of a decent entry level competition O/U shotgun.
• requires allowance for lead
• provides very accurate targets and very accurate feedback on where your shot cloud went
• supports all types of clay targets: sporting, skeet and trap
• requires the same body movements as on the range – a full swing left to right for Skeet Stand 4 high house for example.
• supports “off the wall” shots – if your ceiling is of a suitable height, DryFire will put tower shots over your head!

The only requirements are a wall and a PC.

Note: For those with the luxury of PC projectors DryFire can be used quite happily for disciplines where the target will fit on the screen – DTL for example. Just line the simulator up so that the DryFire target spot starts at the on-screen trap and off you go.

PC projectors are very expensive and our highest priority is to provide systems that can be used at home (or in the club) on any suitable wall.

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