Does DryFire take business away from gun clubs?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

Does DryFire take business away from gun clubs?

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Absolutely not!

Ask any gun club owner about his “conversion rate” – the percentage of visitors/trial lessons he turns into long-term shooters. The majority of people who come along with friends for a trial shoot, or as part of a corporate day, get disillusioned about how hard it is and they are never seen again.

Having a DryFire simulator in the club allows a new shooter to get a lot of practice within a very short period of time. A good instructor is essential, but when the lessons are over the novice can take up position behind a simulator and really work on technique, while looking at results and problems on the PC screen. No longer does he have to rely on someone with a good pair of eyes looking over his shoulder and spotting the shot pattern – with DryFire he can see exactly where his shot pattern went in relation to the target.

So, the novice gains confidence–and the next thing may be an order for a gun and a lifetime of shell sales, membership fees, and competition fees.

Corporate Entertainment Days

DryFire simulators are perfect for use by gun clubs Corporate Days or when the weather is not suitable for everyone to be shooting in the open. There is nothing worse that a group of visitors hanging around in the wet with nothing to do!

Instructors and Coaches

Instructors and coaches will find DryFire simulators particularly useful. Once the needs or weaknesses of a shooter are identified, the instructor can provide advice and then set up the simulator so that the shooter gets intense repetitive practice on that particular skill before going to the range. This makes DryFire simulators one of the fastest of all possible ways to cure problems with technique.

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