Will it work with a release (set) trigger?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

Will it work with a release (set) trigger?

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Trigger boxes are capable of acting as a normal trigger (shot fired when switch pressed) or as a set/release trigger (pressing the switch “sets” the trigger and releasing the switch fires the shot.)

Checking Which Mode the Trigger Is In

Press the trigger switch. If the LED flashes when the switch is pressed the trigger box is in normal mode. If the LED flashes when the switch is released the trigger box is in set/release mode.

Selecting Release Trigger Mode

The trigger box is supplied in normal mode and can be converted into set/release mode by holding the switch down for five seconds. The LED will flash when the switch is first pressed and will light and stay on when the five seconds is up and the trigger box is now in set/release mode.

Selecting Normal Mode

To convert back to normal mode from set/release mode it is necessary to remove the batteries from the trigger box, hold the switch down for 15 seconds and then re-insert the batteries.

Existing DryFire users can purchase the new trigger box at the DryFire Store.

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