What’s the hold point, and what about target speed?

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June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022

What’s the hold point, and what about target speed?

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From DryFire user Michael H: “I am a competitive skeet shooter and I have specific hold points (where I hold the gun just prior to calling “pull”) and these are mostly found by comparing the barrel to the skeet house, using it as a reference point. For example I hold at 1/3 of the distance out from the high house to the center stake, and as high or higher than the top of the high house when I am about to call for High 4.
Can I see the simulated high house on the wall to use as a reference?”

Answer: DryFire displays the path of the clay not the actual trap or trap house. It is a simple matter to mark the start of the target’s flight on the wall with something like a Post-It note.

Michael also asks: “the website says it duplicates target speed. Does this mean the target slows down the further it gets across the field, as does a real target?”

Answer: It certainly does. DryFire accurately represents the speed and angular trajectory of the target as seen by the shooter on the stand. If you want to simulate wind conditions by entering wind direction and speed it will also show the effects of wind on the target.

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