How quickly does DryFire cycle targets?

What variables does DryFire take into consideration for targets and shots?
June 2, 2022
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June 2, 2022
Category: General FAQ

This question probably means “what is the time between calling ‘Pull’ for one target and then for the next?” The answer is 4 to 7 seconds. And the software allows you to fire two shots at any target (assuming two barrels or two cartridges in a semi-auto).

It then sets up ready for the next target (or the same one again if that is what you have selected) and off you go again.

We do not recommend keeping your shotgun at the shoulder and just calling “Pull” repetitively – that’s not genuine practice and the gun will soon get very heavy! Lower your gun between targets and take your time before calling “Pull” again – that’s far more realistic.

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