How do I get new software updates, and are they FREE?

How quickly does DryFire cycle targets?
June 2, 2022
How much do you charge for updates?
June 2, 2022
Category: General FAQ

Software updates may be downloaded from this web site at any time.

Keep an eye on the Download Page for any new change. if you can download it and install it yourself, it is truly FREE.

If you aren’t able to download these files, you can purchase the latest update on CD from our web site for $10.00.

Also, from time to time software changes can be made in the Dryfire unit itself (this is referred to as firmware). The simulator is designed so that its firmware can be updated directly from a PC. If DryFire releases a new version of the firmware it can be downloaded from this web site and loaded directly into the memory of the simulator using the normal RS232C serial cable.

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