When you load the DryFire software, everything DryFire is capable of doing is loaded in your computer. The basic software (which every shooter can access) and all the special features. Currently there are eight special features. Here is the current list:

Trap Exercises
Course Designer
Report Generator
Gun Motion
Rifle and Pistol

These eight features extend the capabilities of the basic DryFire system and have been specifically developed to address a different need within the shotgun, rifle, or pistol training world. Therefore, each feature you add, extends the total capability of your specific DryFire system.

How do you get access to these Features

All the DryFire software, including the eight (8) features have been loaded in your computer. However, every time you try to do a task that requires a feature, the basic software checks the firmware (located on the PC board within your black chassis) to determine if you have purchased the right to use the feature. If you have purchased the feature the feature will work. If you have not purchased the feature, it will not work.

Therefore, the features become part of the black chassis. This means you will have full access to all your features from any computer you might choose to use.


The Squadding add-on allows multiple shooters to shoot at the same time. Each shooter requires their own Gun Assembly. Each shooter is set up with their own unique login and password. There is no limit to the number of squads that can be set up. The maximum squad size is six (6) to accommodate Olympic Bunker Trap and ABT. At the end of a squadding round a squad results page is displayed which can be printed or saved locally as a PDF file. For Gun Club use, there is also the added feature of record keeping. Shooters can purchase credits in advance, or can be billed after shooting. For detailed information, watch the following DryFire USA videos ( 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33).

Trap Exercises:

The Trap Exercises add-on was specifically designed to help shooters practice their weaknesses. This can be used by the shooter alone or in conjunction with a coach who can send a training plan. For Instructional Shooting with squads each individual shooter will still have the ability to work independently on his/her specific weakness. The add-on includes multiple exercises for the shooter to perform as well as the ability to set different target angles and even determine how many degrees the trap oscillates back and forth. This add-on also provides analysis of results which can be saved locally or emailed to a coach. For detailed information, watch the following DryFire USA videos ( 11 and 12).

Course Designer:

The Course Designer add-on allows you to create your own layouts, or edit selected layouts. This is a must for Sporting Clay shooters. You will be able to create any target you can dream up and learn the best way to shoot it. For detailed information, watch the following DryFire USA videos ( 34 and 35).

Report Generator:

The Report Generator add-on uses the stored information from the scorecard and produces detailed analysis of each individual shooters’ performance, this is an excellent tool for instructors and shooters whom are particularly focused on improvement. This add-on highlights the areas of weakness from your shooting results, therefore it provides you the information you need to help put together a very specific training plan. A great addition to the Trap Exercises add-on. For detailed information, watch the following DryFire USA videos ( 36 and 37).


In addition to the clay targets, why not add a nice selection of feather and fur targets to shoot before, during and after the season. Requires Projection Add-on.

Gun Motion:

Analyze the results of your gun movement after you have shot a target. It might reveal a weakness in your swing.

Rifle and Pistol:

BRAND NEW: Special software add on for shooting short range targets with pistols and rifles. Works with both single and dual head units – does not require Projection add on but there are definitely benefits when you use projection. Hunting rifle DOES require Projection and Game add-ons. Universal Gun laser clamp and laser are sold separately. The gun clamp will fit barrels from 0.177 air rifle up to a 12 gauge shotgun. For automatic pistols where the barrel is covered it will fit a maximum width of approximately 33mm & 25mm deep.