What is DryFire?

Overview of the target simulator

Guaranteed to Improve Scores

DryFire is a shotgun simulator designed for every clay target sport. No matter what shotgun shooting discipline you choose, DryFire is guaranteed to improve your scores. It is an essential training tool for those who wish to improve their shotgunning skills and compete at a higher level. DryFire combines computer hardware and software to allow you to practice shooting in the privacy of your own home and see your results.
What is DryFire?

How It Works

DryFire has been designed using complex algorithms to simulate the realistic flight of targets, as well as the use of different cartridges and chokes. The simulator projects a small red laser target onto your wall. This laser target moves at the same trajectory and speed as a real clay target.
Why it works

What is DryFire?

Training Software & Equipment

Take your training to a whole new level. DryFire's target simulator allows you to practice indoors with your own gun. The software supports all clay pigeon shooting disciplines as well as rifle and pistol.

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How to Use It

Using your own gun, simply attach DryFire's trigger switch to your trigger and slide the magnet mount laser into your muzzle. You call "pull" to launch a virtual clay and when you squeeze the trigger the muzzle insert will send a short pulse of infrared light, picked up by the camera on the DryFire simulator, to determine if the shot was a hit or miss.

Benefits of using your own gun

You Supply

What You Need

  • Your own gun.
  • A Windows PC with an external monitor or built-in display.
  • A wall with a width of 8-18 feet, depending on what discipline you are shooting.
How to set up DryFire

What is DryFire?

How DryFire Accelerates Skill Development

New skills require intensive practice. Your technique needs to be automatic, to become part of your muscle memory, and the only way to do that is through practice. Time and money spent on real-time training at the shooting ground is enhanced and is more effective if it is practiced beforehand.
These users improved their skills and scores