6 alan purdy

5 burt ingram
February 14, 2018
7 paul piaia
February 14, 2018

“Since my twelve-year-old son began using DryFire, he has improved his focus and mental game without the cost and recoil. The problem was he really could not practice for several months because of our winters, thus, DryFire. In the last month, he has gotten his first 24/24 in skeet doubles and 25/25 in handicap trap, skeet, and 16-yard trap! He is able to practice in shorter time intervals — instead of 3 hours for sporting clays or 2 hours for driving to the gun range and all without the recoil or cost of shells, targets, and gas!

DryFire has, and will continue to be, a significant benefit to his goal of being one of the best young shooters in the country and possibly an Olympic berth. The customer service of this system is the best we have ever seen! Thank you!”