February 14, 2018
February 14, 2018

“I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the DryFire system we purchased. We are the Fudd Dusters SCTP shooting sports club. We purchased our system after seeing a demo in Ohio. It has been incorporated into our training and practice schedule this January. We have about 130 kids in the club. We have spread the Dry Fire practice over 4 nights each week. The DryFire system has helped us in the following ways:

We are able to start practicing earlier in the year. This winter in Michigan has been brutal. We started indoor practice in a warm building.

Our young shooters have learned safe gun handling and range courtesy in a safe environment. We have some 7-year-olds that are learning to shoot. With a safe gun and no recoil, they are learning in complete safety.

The immediate feedback of the DryFire system helps them see the benefits of a proper gun mount, sight picture and follow through. They start believing their coaches when they can see the results on the screen.

The main advantage we get from the DryFire system is cost savings. We figure we are saving well over $200 each practice. The system has paid for itself in the first month of operation. We would not be able to supply our kids ammo and targets for this amount of practice. When the weather finally breaks and we can shoot outdoors our shooters will be ready to break targets.”