Introducing the Acoustic Trigger

DryFire USA is pleased to offer a new, innovative, group of trigger mechanisms.

Two products are available for Current Customers.

  • The Acoustic Trigger Upgrade product, priced at $89.00, will allow current customers to convert their mechanical switch trigger system into one that requires the use of their own TRIGGER. Yes, you will place a Snap-Cap in your gun, cock your trigger mechanism, and actually pull the trigger. An Acoustic Pick-Up module is listening for the sound made when the firing pin strikes the Snap-Cap and it responds by pulsing the Infrared Laser.

  • The Barrel Anchor/Laser Holder product, priced at $59.00, will allow a current customer to stabilize "their muzzle laser" in the muzzle of their gun without converting to the Snap-Cap method.

Three products are available for New Customers.

  • The cost of the original Mechanical Switch Trigger product is included in the price of the Home Pack.

  • The Acoustic Trigger Only product is priced at $59.00 more than the standard mechanical switch trigger gun assembly: 

  • The Acoustic/Switch Combo product is priced at $89.00 more than the standard mechanical switch trigger gun assembly. 

To view the set-up instructions for each product, click on the model you are interested in.

An alternative location for the Acoustic Pick-Up Module is shown in the above picture.

The magnet on the Acoustic Pick-Up module is strong enough to hold the module to the underneath side of the barrel just in front of the forehand piece.  Then, if you are using an Over/Under (as in the picture) the excess cable can be stored in the lower barrel.  When this method is employed, the shooter cannot see the Muzzle Laser, the Acoustic Pick-Up Module, or the cable.  To the shooter, the entire Gun Assembly does not exist.

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